NEED HELP ASAP...You must show all your work and answer the questions in complete sentences!My niece wanted to create a coverup she saw on Pinterest. It required a square piece of patterned fabric. We found an online store with some bright and fun samples of fabric at a reasonable price. They charge a flat shipping fee of $10 and then $3 per yard.The formula 3n + 10 = t can be used to determine the total cost of the fabric, where n is the number of yards purchased, and t is the total cost of the fabric.3n + 10 = t1. What is the dependent variable (or write “neither” if there is not one)? _______________Explain why or why not:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. Since all squares are similar, then the ratio of one square’s side to perimeter is proportional to any other’s. If the side of a square of fabric is 2 yards, then the perimeter is 8 yards. Use a proportion to determine the perimeter of a square with a side 9 yards long. Write your final answer in a complete sentence.

Accepted Solution

1) The dependent variable is the total cost.
2) The perimeter is 36 inches.

The dependent variable is the one that gets changed by the other one.  In this case, the total cost gets changed by the amount of fabric bought.

To find the perimeter:  

Since the ratios of the side length to perimeter is the same, we set up the ratio:
2/8 = 9/x

Cross multiply:
2*x = 8*9
2x = 72

Divide both sides by 2:
2x/2 = 72/2
x = 36